Yawu Miller

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Yawu Miller began his career in journalism with the Banner, serving as a staff reporter in 1993. He became managing editor in 1996. After leaving the Banner in 2006, he continued with the paper as a freelance writer and photographer. He has also written freelance articles for Commonwealth Magazine, the Baltimore Afro American and the Boston Irish Reporter. Miller graduated from Dartmouth College in 1990 with a bachelor's degree in English.

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Boston school students advocate for free bus passes

Boston public school students say the two-mile walk zone within which students are not eligible for free bus passes forces many to endure 40-minute walks to school.

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Report: Boston Latinos get slim share of city jobs

The Greater Boston Latino Network released its Silent Crisis II report, detailing the lack of Latinos in high-ranking city jobs and on boards and commissions with decision-making power in the city.

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Eastern Bank growth fund targets minority-owned firms

Through Business Equity Initiative, Eastern Bank is stepping up with a $10 million growth fund aimed at providing loans to build the capacity of businesses owned by people of color.

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Boston developers build affordable homes

City gives construction firms land, subsidies

The city’s Neighborhood Homes Initiative has identified 250 parcels of city-owned land for housing construction. So far, 69 units have been built through the program.

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Historic Roxbury clock tolls again as First Church undergoes renovations

The clock atop the First Church of Roxbury, which began ticking in 1863, is now working again as part of a $3 million renovation of the 1801 Unitarian Church.

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Campaigns in full swing at Dorchester Day parade

Candidates’ nomination papers are in and the Dorchester Day parade represents the first major event where campaigns can show off their strength.

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Capuano: Trump budget poses challenges for local government

The Trump administration released a budget last week that proposes deep cuts to federal programs and taxes on the rich while increasing spending on the nation’s military – a controversial move that earned him praise from his base of conservative supporters and condemnation from Democrats and progressives.

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Guscott’s towering aspiration: 25-story Dudley Square tower to bring nightlife, business opportunities

25-story Dudley Square tower to bring nightlife, biz opportunities

The 25-story tower in Dudley Square is expected to enliven the area with nightlife, new shops and commercial space. Its creation also expands the capacity of black businesses and opens doors to other such sizeable projects. The development team sat down the Banner last week.

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Janey launches campaign for Roxbury's City Council seat, signatures submitted in District 7

Fifteen candidates vying for signatures, contributions in race for open seat

Long-time Roxbury activist Kim Janey kicked off her campaign for the District 7 City Council seat last week in a Dudley Square event. She and ten others have been certified to appear on the Sept. 26 preliminary ballot in the race to replace Tito Jackson, who is running for mayor.

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Thousands rally in Boston Common for Boston's public schools

Education activists call for more funding

Last November public education activists fended off Ballot Question 2, which would have lifted the state-wide cap on charter school expansion and diverted funds from local school districts. Saturday, many of the same activists who fought for a “no” vote were among the estimated 4,000 people who turned out to the Boston Common for the Rally for Public Education event, sponsored by the Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance.

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