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What do you think are the most important issues facing Boston’s elected officials?

Housing. Affording housing for the residents of Boston. Not for the developers, for the residents. And education and jobs for the youth, so they can afford to pay rent. — Valerie Shelley, Resident Leader, Roxbury

Do you think Boston will ever overcome its legacy of racial inequality?

Yes. It would take the mutual cooperation of every inhabitant. — Veronica Nchuamu, Student, South End

What do you think it would take to make America truly great?

Admittance and acceptance of all the ways that America has hurt people, correcting the wrongs and making amends. — Sahar Lawrence, Community Engagement, Jamaica Plain

Do you think the city should provide safe injection sites for users to shoot up?

No. It’s a drug. People are addicted. It’s bad for public health. — Tony, Unemployed, Roxbury

What effect has the first six months of the Trump administration had on the United States?

He’s had a bad effect on everything. He’s the worst president we’ve ever, ever, ever had. — Tina Grimes, Unit Secretary, Dorchester

What do you think of the changes Boston is going through?

It’s progress, but for whom? There’s new ideas, different proposals. You ask why people are building in the community and they say ‘There’s nothing here.’ There’s an entire culture here that could be moved away. — Ayanna Warfield, Chef, Roxbury

What do you think about Boston’s building boom?

It’s good in a way. But we need more housing for the elderly and the disabled. There needs to be more affordability. — Elizabeth Grant, Housewife, Roxbury

Should Boston have a civilian review board to investigate allegations of police misconduct?

Yes. I don’t really feel the police can be trusted. History has proven it, and it’s still being proven today. — Roger Wanzo, Retired, Dorchester

Do you think Republicans will face consequences for the Trump administration’s cuts to the federal budget?

Do you think Republicans will face consequences for the Trump administration’s cuts to the federal budget?

What do you think should be done to improve the flow of traffic in Boston?

More people need to use public transportation. You can’t drive downtown. There’s no parking. You save money taking the train. — Victor Costa, BNN TV Producer, Dorchester

Do you think Donald Trump will be impeached?

Yes. One way or another he’s going out. Too much conflict. Too much lying. — Lillian O’Neal, Poet, Jamaica Plain

What do you think is the importance of public transportation?

Jobs are often located in parts of the city where there’s traffic and no parking. People need to get to those jobs. — Paul Holmes, IT Consultant, Cambridge

Do you think Americans should have the right to own handguns?

No. There are too many weapons. Too many people dying. — Roland English, Unemployed, South End

Do you think Boston is becoming a better city?

That’s a loaded question. Based on studies and statistics, I’d say no. There’s greater disparities than in the past. People are advocating for their communities, but people aren’t finding jobs or housing here. — Robyn Gibson, Consultant, Mattapan

What do you think can be done to boost voter turnout in the United States?

There needs to be better organizing in communities to help people understand the impact of the decisions government makes on their communities. — Monica Roberts, Education Administration, Dorchester