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Federal ‘funding cliff’ puts public health at risk

Health care for more than 27 million people is being managed on a month-to-month basis because Congress has failed to extend funding for community health centers.

No coincidence that Trump says blacks like him

By any standard, it was a bad month for Trump on the racial front. The start was the “shithole nations” slur of Haiti and African nations. Then there were the denials and refutations of the denials that Trump did racially ...

Trump deserves no credit for black jobless plunge

Trump predictably wasted no time in crowing that he was the reason for the big plunge in the black jobless rate., but what accounts for the jobs surge is a mix of the continuing spiral upward of the economy that ...

Forget Trump, the real story is the GOP’s never-ending race baiting

Forget for a brief moment Trump’s vile, unabashed racist “hole nations” slur of Haiti and African nations. This was simply Trump being Trump. There were two more telling things that came out of the latest Trump debacle.

The brutal truth: the felon voting ban is a black ban

Bigoted protestors at the pro-confederate rally in Richmond, Va. last September openly espoused support for the concept of white supremacy. In support of racial and religious equality, fair minded Americans opposed the violence and bigotry of the Richmond protestors. However, ...

There are always more victims than one in a police killing

There is a human cost of police killings that go unreported and unpunished. In these cases, there are always more victims than just the one slain. Erica is the latest proof of that.

Will blacks also get treatment, not jail, for opioid addiction?

There was mild surprise when the news hit that the opioid death rate among blacks is fast approaching that of whites. Surprise because the opioid epidemic has been almost universally framed as a crisis that has slammed mostly whites in ...

BPS start time process showed little respect for parents, students

As parents, students and teachers confront the very real possibility that their elementary schools may change start times next fall by as much as two hours, forcing many more children as young as 4 years old to start school as ...

Trump’s virtual lily-white court picks are a judicial horror

There was little surprise at the news that Trump is packing the federal judiciary with as many white, conservative males as he can dig up. His anti-diversity federal judgeship count is indeed gruesome. To date, he has deemed only one ...

Denzel Washington is dead wrong about the “bad” black father

The vicious and self-serving stereotype of the bad black father has been around a long time and has been thoroughly debunked.

Meek Mill and America’s parole system

The figures amply show that a broken parole system has put legions of blacks in jail cells. The consolation is that Meek Mill cast the ugly glare on this.

The House tax bill’s a gift to companies that offshore profits and jobs

As the country begins to digest the revelations in the new offshore tax haven leak known as the “Paradise Papers,” it’s important to not lose sight of the fact that the Congressional tax plan is out along with promises that ...

The GOP’s never-ending Judge Moore problem

The GOP does not have a Judge Roy Moore problem. It has a Judge Moores problem. That’s plural for a reason. Moore is hardly an aberration in GOP ranks. In the past two decades the list of GOP governors, congresspersons, ...

It’s time to end off-year elections

After Boston’s sleepy municipal elections produced an anemic 27 percent voter turnout, it’s clear that something needs to change… and it’s the date.

Why so many whites think they are discriminated against

There really isn’t much of a surprise in the recent poll conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health that found that a majority of whites feel they are getting the ...