Malden charter school’s ethnically insensitive hair policy

While Mystic Valley Charter School was undoubtedly well intentioned, it was advisable to suspend the school’s dress code which now violates the U.S. Department of Justice guidelines by imposing a restriction on black students that will not apply to others.

Comey isn’t the reason Trump is the GOP’s Nixon Nightmare

The Trump taint, as with Nixon, wreaks havoc on the GOP’s image and especially its hell-bent legislative drive to wipe off the map every vestige of the eight years of the Obama administration accomplishments.

Keith Motley unfairly scapegoated

Many people believe that Keith Motley’s reputation took a fall to benefit those who were more responsible for the UMass Boston problems.

What do you think should be done to improve the flow of traffic in Boston?

More people need to use public transportation. You can’t drive downtown. There’s no parking. You save money taking the train. — Victor Costa, BNN TV Producer, Dorchester

Guess who Sessions’ war on drugs will target?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions made it official. The federal government will now reboot its war on drugs. The official word came down in the form of memos from Sessions that ordered federal prosecutors to cease and desist on the soft ...

Blacks oppose monuments to the seditious Confederacy

From the black perspective monuments to Confederate generals stand for white supremacy. It is absurd for white protesters to expect that blacks, who are in the majority, would continue to tolerate the existence of the symbols of their oppression and ...

Do you think Donald Trump will be impeached?

Yes. One way or another he’s going out. Too much conflict. Too much lying. — Lillian O’Neal, Poet, Jamaica Plain

The unintended consequences of hate

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there were 867 hate incidents in the ten days after Trump’s win in November. The advocacy group South Asians Leading Together (SAALT) put out a report in January that documented 207 hate incidents ...

House tax plan does not stop the gaming

There is no economic justification behind the special treatment of multinationals. We should also tighten rules to prohibit inversions and ensure companies are playing by the rules by publicly reporting — country-by-country — their profits, taxes paid, and certain operations. ...

No easy explanation for Fenway Park racism

Boston has to work to change its culture. The “City on a Hill” must have a metropolitan demeanor in order to sustain its lofty reputation. But there must be some considerable effort to identify the causes of the mindless white ...

What do you think is the importance of public transportation?

Jobs are often located in parts of the city where there’s traffic and no parking. People need to get to those jobs. — Paul Holmes, IT Consultant, Cambridge

The worst presidential 100 days ever

Trump, number 45, got one thing right about the media-hyped, first-hundred-days presidential measuring stick. It’s a silly measure. In fact, presidents from John F. Kennedy to Obama have derided the hundred-day fetish and correctly noted that the far better to ...

A bad tradeoff

Patriot’s Day is a major holiday in Massachusetts. It is a celebration of the beginning of America’s Revolutionary War against Britain. Every year a rider impersonating William Dawes rides a horse from Eliot Square in Roxbury to warn the residents ...

Do you think Americans should have the right to own handguns?

No. There are too many weapons. Too many people dying. — Roland English, Unemployed, South End

O’Reilly got the boot for being a sexual reprobate, but not for being anti-black

Routine racist slurs before millions of viewers also should be instant cause for an O’Reilly to be jerked from the air. This wasn’t the case, and it reinforces the age-old line that a rich, white guy can say whatever he ...