Massachusetts must shed shameful label as ‘worst state for Latinos’

Shamefully, Massachusetts now holds the designation as the “Worst State for Hispanics and Latinos,” in terms of economic inequality, according to a study by 24/7 Wall Street, which was published in USA Today.

To what extent do you think U.S. banks are trustworthy?

Not at all. I’ve had experiences where I put money in a bank and it disappeared. I never got compensated.

A misguided effort to rename Dudley Sq. ‘Nubian Sq.’

Now African Americans are called upon to decide whether to retain traditions with colonial roots or to replace them with remote African references.

An effort to cure a common malady

For years, every February is Black History Month in America. Indeed, not every state embraces with enthusiasm the annual dedication to the achievements of African Americans. Nonetheless, it is generally agreed that this celebration has become part of the nation’s ...

Deceiver in chief

There have always been deceptive leaders, but who would have thought that so many Americans could be so gullible for so long?

Federal ‘funding cliff’ puts public health at risk

Health care for more than 27 million people is being managed on a month-to-month basis because Congress has failed to extend funding for community health centers.

Is Boston changing for the better?

I like that there are corporations coming in, but I hate gentrification. They’re pushing low income people out of the neighborhoods.

Another national embarrassment

Trump’s derogatory description of African countries, Haiti and El Salvador is contradicted by the histories and high levels of educational attainment of the people hailing from those nations.

A job well done!

State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry, the state’s highest ranking black elected official, is leaving the Legislature to take a job as a vice president at Suffolk Construction.

No coincidence that Trump says blacks like him

By any standard, it was a bad month for Trump on the racial front. The start was the “shithole nations” slur of Haiti and African nations. Then there were the denials and refutations of the denials that Trump did racially ...

What issues do you think the City Council should prioritize this year?

Rent control, definitely. We’re being moved out farther and farther. People are moving to Brockton and New Bedford, but all the jobs and resources are here.

Private enterprise approach imperils American health care

Every European nation has some form of universal health care for its citizens. This was not true of the United States until so-called Obamacare was enacted. However, it cannot be said that the ardent critics of the Affordable Care Act ...

Trump deserves no credit for black jobless plunge

Trump predictably wasted no time in crowing that he was the reason for the big plunge in the black jobless rate., but what accounts for the jobs surge is a mix of the continuing spiral upward of the economy that ...

How has the first year of the Trump administration affected you personally?

I think the tax cut will affect me the most. It’s going to be the largest re-distribution of wealth from the working class to rich people.

Forget Trump, the real story is the GOP’s never-ending race baiting

Forget for a brief moment Trump’s vile, unabashed racist “hole nations” slur of Haiti and African nations. This was simply Trump being Trump. There were two more telling things that came out of the latest Trump debacle.