Walsh rejects charter enrollment bill with his name on it

Mayor Martin Walsh is seeking to distance himself from a bill bearing his name that parent education activists say was filed quietly and would facilitate a controversial school policy known as unified enrollment, in which Boston families would see both ...

State legislators produce sweeping criminal justice reform bill

The legislative package aims to reduce unnecessary incarceration, via measures including removing fees that create a disparate burden on the poor due solely to their financial status and encouraging less severe responses to some offenses.

All about the music

Filling Calderwood Hall from the floor to the rafters with her singular and powerful voice, Alice Smith made it clear that she came to perform last Thursday night at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Making design inclusive

Kristen Ransom, founder and CEO of IncluDe software design and development agency, was in college studying human factors engineering at Tufts University when she landed an internship at Harley-Davidson motorcycle company. There, she tackled the problem of designing motorcycles to ...

Minorities get slim share of contracts

City Councilor Tito Jackson alleges that only 2 percent of city contract spending goes to minority-owned businesses; city officials say the figure is actually less than 0.5 percent. Officials now are seeking a consultant to study drivers of this disparity.

Is Boston becoming a better city?

The way it is right now, things are getting worse.

Arroyo returns to Probate office

Suffolk County Register of Probate Félix D. Arroyo is back at work after an investigation found he was undermined by longtime court staff who bristled at his efforts to diversify his office and better serve its largely non-English speaking clientele.

Jackson, Walsh debate live from Dudley Square

Mayor Martin Walsh and District 7 City Councilor Tito Jackson clashed over issues of police accountability, economic development and education in the first of two debates scheduled before the Nov. 7 general election.

In the news: Pastor William E. Dickerson II

Greater Love Tabernacle Pastor William E. Dickerson II has been elevated to bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Dickerson was born in Virginia and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a graduate of Boston Latin School. After completing high ...

Dominica hit hard by Hurricane Maria

Hours before Hurricane Maria hit the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico as a category 4 storm, it hit the Caribbean island of Dominica with the full brunt of its category 5 strength. The 160-mile-an-hour winds ripped off roofs, flattened ...

Flash in the Pan: Leafy wraps-ody

Food wraps can be found, in one incarnation or another, anywhere in the world that people eat. They include Mexican wraps held together by tortillas of flour and corn, and Asian spring and egg rolls, the contents of which are ...

Documentary tackles the topic of food waste

Co-directors Anna Chai and Nari Kye set out to imbue a sense of optimism in their documentary about the issues of food loss and food waste. Despite the bleakness of the statistics and the reality of what is occurring globally, ...

‘The Owl Answers’

October 13 - 21, students of Harvard University’s newly-formed Theater, Dance and Media concentration will perform The Owl Answers, an impactful, poetic play by powerhouse African American writer Adrienne Kennedy. The one-act experimental play features a central figure, Clara, who’s ...

Crowning a new generation of artists

Over the course of ten months, artist Maria Fitzpatrick and a group of young men at the Boston Center for Youth and Families’ Cleveland Community Center put together “Saints,” a Jean Michel Basquiat-inspired wheat paste street art project. Basquiat challenged ...

There they go again making excuses for the Paddocks

The predictable began the instant Stephen Paddock mass murdered 59 persons and wounded hundreds more. That is the almost by now ritual handwringing, soul search and pop psychology rationalizations to explain the behavior of white mass murderers.