In memoriam: S. Allen Counter 1944-2017

The world has lost one of its greatest humanists with the recent death of Dr. S. Allen Counter. There is no one else to explore the globe so bravely, in search of the history of the African people.

Do you think Boston will ever overcome its legacy of racial inequality?

Yes. It would take the mutual cooperation of every inhabitant. — Veronica Nchuamu, Student, South End

Immigration Nation

Students, artists and community members created over 400 hand-painted suitcases for Nora Valdez’s “Immigration Nation” exhibit at Urbano Project. On display through July 29, the tactile, sculptural installation confronts the struggle of immigrants to find identity and acceptance in the ...

Good fences, good business

Ralph McCoy founded McCoy Fence Co. in 1988, after working for another fence company. With seven employees, he tackles projects for the city, state, commercial and private clients.

Mass Pike Towers tenants allege developer’s sale price is ‘robbery’

Bill Oranczak, president of the Mass Pike Towers Association, said that while tenants are not at near-term risk of removal, transferring the site to community control will ensure that as development pressures continue to rise, a piece of the neighborhood ...

ACLU criminal justice reform campaign takes aim at district attorneys

The ACLU is looking to increase voter awareness about district attorneys with a voter education project called “What a Difference a DA Makes.”

City’s new Resilient Boston plan aims to fix racial inequities

The Resilient Boston plan explores how decades of policies have created racial gaps in wealth and health, with focus on gaps in access to housing, education, jobs, transit and other stability factors. Outline in the document are visions, goals and ...

Can-do attitude: Put cucumber harvest to use as pickles

Spring is the time for planting. Autumn is when we put things in jars. So goes the conventional wisdom, anyway. But the reality is, one can surely plant after the summer solstice has passed, and pecks of pickles can be ...

In the news: Melvin Poindexter

Melvin Poindexter was elected national committeeman for the Massachusetts Democratic Party earlier this year, the first African American to hold such a position.

Urban beekeeper seeks to spread the buzz

Since catching the urban beekeeping bug seven years ago, Leonard Lee’s been spreading the word, and he’s on a mission to get 10,000 people each to own one hive.

Baker’s reform proposals would make big change to MassHealth

Late-in-the-game proposals from Charlie Baker’s administration attempted to rein in state budget costs by reducing MassHealth enrollment eligibility.On Friday July 7, state lawmakers voted against the proposals reducing MassHealth eligibility for many families (as well as a proposal that would ...

Frederick Douglass readings take place across Massachusetts on July 4

In a time when the meaning and value of being American is daily questioned, Douglass’ words are more relevant than ever.

Brushstrokes behind bars: Muralist works with and for incarcerated women

The temporary mural, up until October 2018, is being created in partnership with the women of the McGrath House, a reentry facility where incarcerated women serve the final six months of their prison sentences. In this way, the creation of ...

America: A fallen leader?

Every year at this time it was once common for American youth to celebrate July 4th with shouts of “we’re number one.” This was an exuberant recognition of the economic achievement of the United States, as well as the nation’s ...

More than one nightmare in NYPD slaying

The slaying of veteran NYPD officer and mother of three Miosotis Familia is a nightmare for reasons that go beyond her hideous and heart-breaking murder.