Greater Boston residents meet in person to talk about race

The Boston Globe’s ambitious seven-part Spotlight series on race in Boston, released in December, sparked diverse reactions, including shock, praise and sharp criticism. Now, individuals are organizing neighborhood meetups all over Greater Boston to continue the conversation face-to-face.

King’s ‘dream’ speech set tone for movement

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1963 “I have a dream” speech, delivered at the March on Washington, set the tone for the Civil Rights Movement during the turbulent decade of social change.

A chronology of the life of Martin Luther King

A listing of key events in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Variations on a cream

Combine milk and cream and heat slowly with the vanilla pod. Meanwhile beat the yolks and sugar together. When milk is about to simmer, with bubbles forming on the edge of the pot, add it in a very slow, thin ...

In the news: Lisette Le

Lisette Le of Dorchester has been appointed executive director of the Vietnamese American Initiative for Development in Fields Corner.

Freedom of expression

On Jan. 15, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston will host its annual open house in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The open house will include free admission for all patrons as well as a number of activities ...

The historical myth of white supremacy

Bigoted protesters at the pro-confederate rally in Charlottesville, Va. last September openly espoused support for the concept of white supremacy. They were equally disparaging of Jews. In support of racial and religious equality, fair minded Americans opposed the violence and ...

Parents, councilors mull return to elected school committee

At the same time the Boston School Committee voted on Wednesday to elect member Michael Loconto president of the mayor-appointed body, a parent group took to Facebook and Twitter to gauge support for an alternative: an elected committee. By mid-Thursday, ...

Do you think Oprah Winfrey should run for president?

She’d be good. She might bring some changes to Washington.

A record survives

William Bullard (1876-1918), a white Yankee resident of Beaver Brook, took portraits of his neighbors over 20 years, from 1897 to 1917, amassing more than 5,400 gelatin sliver dry plate negatives.

Crafting a consultancy

Growing up in Barbados, Ryan Brathwaite was drawn to computers mainly because his uncle in the U.S. was doing something with technology and it “sounded cool,” he says.Today, at 40, he is CEO and president of Tech Wave Group, providing ...

Setti Warren appeals to JP voters

Former Newton Mayor and 2018 gubernatorial candidate Setti Warren thinks Massachusetts isn’t investing enough in its education system, and he’s not afraid to raise the revenue he says the state will need to fully fund its schools. Speaking at a ...

Dudley planning focuses on jobs

The Boston Planning and Development Agency released draft guidelines on Monday for new developments on the last remaining public parcels in the Dudley Square area. Plans for the parcels include a new healthy food grocery store, a 30-unit mixed-income residential ...

Mass leaders push for DACA legislation

As the year-end budget deadline for the U.S. federal government approaches, Sen. Ed Markey held a press conference last Wednesday to demand Congress to include the Clean DREAM act in next year’s budget by Jan. 19.

Homeland Security ends protective status for Salvadorans

The Department of Homeland Security announced on Monday that more than 200,000 immigrants from El Salvador must leave the country by September 2019, after ending their Temporary Protected Status program.