A job well done!

Melvin B. Miller | 2/1/2018, 6 a.m.

Everyone who has benefitted from the public service of Linda Dorcena Forry should be delighted with her opportunity to join private industry. People sometimes forget that in the original design of the republic, public service was supposed to be required only until the next election. More permanent employment was always available only in the private sector.

Sen. Forry was an effective and admired state senator. In addition to serving and aiding constituents, she has family considerations and an unreliable job. Who would have thought that Sen. Edward W. Brooke, a very popular political figure, would lose an election to Paul Tsongas in 1978? While Sen. Forry is very popular now, there is no telling what her political status will be on re-election day.

John Fish, CEO of Suffolk Construction, is an astute and imaginative business leader, who understands the responsibility of improving the development of Greater Boston. How propitious that he would recruit Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry to help implement his vision of a burgeoning Boston.

Bonne chance Senator Linda!